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Cure Yourself with Ancient Aztec Herb and Plant Remedies

Turnip - Nabo
(Brassica rapa)

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Turnip, common name for a hardy, biennial herb, of the mustard family, grown for its edible root. Turnips are native to Europe and parts of Asia and are cultivated in temperate and subarctic regions throughout the world. The yellow flowers, arranged in erect racemes, have four sepals, four petals, six stamens, and a solitary pistil. The fruit is a long, slender, many-seeded pod. The turnip differs from the rutabaga in having densely grouped stems and white-fleshed roots. Turnips are grown extensively for food and to provide feed for livestock.

    Scientific classification:  The turnip belongs to the family Brassicaceae
    (formerly Cruciferae).It is classified as Brassica rapa, Rapifera Group.
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Nabo Properties Favored by Aztec's

    Eliminates Bile Stones,
    Calms Cough,
    Cures Colds,
    Bronchitis and
    Whooping Cough
    also used externally for Itchy Skin.

Methods of Use

    To eliminate Bile Stones:  Mix 6 Turnip slices,10 Tomato Plant leaves, 10 Wormwood leaves, 2 pinches of Resurrection Fern and the juice of 2 Lemons in a liter of water. Drink 3 cups of this brew, the first cup on an EMPTY STOMACH before going to bed the second cup in the morning and the last cup at Noon.
    To Calm Coughs, Cure a Cold, Bronchitis and Whooping Cough: Drink a Hot Cup of Turnip Root decoction and Bundle Up Well
    To Sooth Itchy Skin:  Apply external cataplasms of peeled and cooked Turnip over the affected area.

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CAUTION: This presentation is not a guide to the identification of plants or their use as a substitute for standard medical treatments. Many plants with medicinal properties are also toxic and frequently FATAL if taken at incorrect dosages or if not prepared in a specific fashion. We do not advocate the consumption of reputed medicinal plant products without prior consultation with your physician or other natural plant products professional. Consult Your Physician Before Using a Herbal Remedy!


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