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Cure Yourself with Ancient Aztec Herb and Plant Remedies

(Prosopis spp.)

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  • Family:  Leguminosae
  • Distribution:  Southwestern U. S. and Northern Mexico.
  • Habitat: Plains and foothills in semiarid regions. Mesquite (the genus Prosopis) is represented by about 45 species of trees and shrubs native to North America, Central/South America and Africa/Asia. The word prosopis is an ancient Greek plant name, used by Dioscorides apparently for burdock. Only trees are included in the following list.
North American species
  • Prosopis glandulosa-Algaroba,
  • bilayati kikar,
  • common mesquite,
  • cuji,
  • honey locust,
  • honey mesquite,
  • honey-pod,
  • ibapiguazu,
  • inesquirte,
  • ironwood,
  • mesquite,
  • screwbean,
  • Torrey mesquite,
  • wawahi,
  • western honey mesquite.
    Description:  Large shrub or small tree to 6 m (20 ft) tall and 30 cm (1 ft) in diameter. Bark rough, thick, brown, divided into long narrow strips. Twigs glabrous, brown, with usually paired (stipular) sharp spines at the nodes. Buds very small, no terminal bud. Leaves alternate, drooping, bipinnately compound with only one pair of side branches. Leaflets sessile, 7-17 pairs, narrowly oblong, 1-3 cm (0.4-1.2 in) long, yellowish-green, glabrous. Flowers very small, numerous, crowded in spikes about 5-7.5 cm (2-3 in) long, blooming in Spring and Summer.
    Fruits legumes, 10-20 cm (4-8 in) long and about 1 cm (0.4 in) in diameter, slightly constricted between seeds, yellowish or brown, ending in a sharp point, maturing in late Summer or Fall.

Mezquite in my backyard
Mezquite Graphic 1
Mezquite Graphic 2

Properties of Mezquite Favored by Aztec's

    Lowers Inflammation,
    Helps Fight Irritation in the Digestive Track

Method of Use

Drink a cup several times a day of the infusion made from 50 grams of Mezquite Cortex or seeds to 1 liter of water.

In cases of Dysentery: apply a enema using the same formula as above, apply warm and double dose.

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CAUTION: This presentation is not a guide to the identification of plants or their use as a substitute for standard medical treatments. Many plants with medicinal properties are also toxic and frequently FATAL if taken at incorrect dosages or if not prepared in a specific fashion. We do not advocate the consumption of reputed medicinal plant products without prior consultation with your physician or other natural plant products professional. Consult Your Physician Before Using a Herbal Remedy!


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