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Cure Yourself with Ancient Aztec Herb and Plant Remedies

Mamey Sapote
(Pouteria sapota)

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Other common names:  sapote, mamey colorado
Scientific name:  Pouteria sapota (Jacq.) H.E. Moore & Stearn
Synonyms:  Calocarpum sapota (Jacq.) Merr., Calocarpum mammosum (L.) Pierre
Family:  Sapotaceae
Relatives in same family:  sapodilla, satin leaf, caimito, canistel, abiu, green sapote.
Origin:  The mamey is native to the West Indies and northern South America,in southern Mexico and Central America.
Distribution:  Mamey sapotes have been grown or cultivated in Central America, Mexico, northern South America, and the West Indies for centuries. The first recorded introduction into southern Florida was during the mid-1880s.
Importance:  The mamey sapote is an important fruit in Florida (US), Mexico, Central America, and in the West Indies--including the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and Cuba. In the state of Florida, Cuban Americans and Central Americans have helped to establish a small but viable industry. Except for the Americas, this very attractive and excellent fruit is not well-known, probably because its short-lived seeds may have discouraged intercontinental transport in colonial times.
Recently, there is increasing interest in this fruit in other countries (e.g., Australia, Israel, Philippines, Vietnam, Spain, Venezuela).

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Mamey Properties Favored by The Aztec's

Used to heal exposed ulcers also used for curling hair.

Aztec Method of Use

  1. For Exposed Ulcers:  Roast in fire the Mamey seed then crush or mash until it is powder then apply on affected area.
  2. To Curl the Hair:  Pick at the Mamey seed until the oil it contains comes out, then apply oil to scalp or hair area each morning until you get the desired effect.

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CAUTION: This presentation is not a guide to the identification of plants or their use as a substitute for standard medical treatments. Many plants with medicinal properties are also toxic and frequently FATAL if taken at incorrect dosages or if not prepared in a specific fashion. We do not advocate the consumption of reputed medicinal plant products without prior consultation with your physician or other natural plant products professional. Consult Your Physician Before Using a Herbal Remedy!


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