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Cure Yourself with Ancient Aztec Herbal Remedies and Cures

Lemon - Limon
(Citris limon)

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Lemon, common name for a small thorny tree, and for its fruit. Lemon trees are cultivated throughout the tropical and subtropical regions of the world, particularly in Italy, Spain, Portugal, and California. Lemons were first brought from the Middle East to Spain and northern Africa during the Middle Ages. The cultivated lemon is probably a hybrid of two wild species, most likely lime and citron.

Lemon trees grow to be about 3 to 6 m (about 10 to 20 ft) tall and are sparsely covered with foliage. The flower has five sepals, five petals, numerous stamens, and a solitary pistil. The upper surface of each petal is white, and the lower surface is pinkish. Lemon flowers have a sweet odor comparable to, but less marked than, the odor of orange flowers.

The lemon fruit is a pale-yellow, elliptically shaped berry, which usually has a small, nipple like protuberance at the apex.

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Properties of Lemon Used by Aztec's