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Quetzlco Ancient Aztec Medicinal Herb Remedies Known to Cure Ailments and Diseases Afflicting Mankind Quetzlco

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Since ancient times the Aztecs
used plants and herbs to
cure numerous diseases and afflictions;
in reality modern pharmacopoeia uses
the natural
plants and herbs
of our earth in the
elaboration of the medicines, tonics
and all matter of prescribed
and over the counter drugs we use.
Today; Natural Medicine in it`s
simplest form is less risky
and more economical to relieve
the pains and sufferings humans
have that don't require surgery,
I urge you to read
the following pages, you never
know there could be a
cure for your ailment in
your garden, cupboard or pantry.
Follow me into the Fantastic
world of plants and herbs!.

All information is from the book
"Ancient Aztec Medicinal Remedies",
(Antiguo Recetario Medicinal Azteca)
Library, Internet Resources and Family.

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Abedul-Birch Acebo-Holly Aciete de Oliva-Olive Oil Achicoria-Chicory Achiote-Annatto Ahuahuete-Cypress Ajenjo-Wormwood Ajo-Garlic Ajonjoli-Sesame Albahaca-Basil
Alcanfor-Camphor Amapola-Poppy Apio-Celery Arnica Arrayan-Myrrh Avena-Oats Aguacate-Avocado Axocopaque-Gaultheria Azahar-Citrus Tree Flower Berros-Watercress
Boldo Borrage-Borage Cactus Calabaza-Pumpkin Cabellitos de Elote-Corn Silk Capulin-Wildcherry Cafe-Coffee Cascara Sagrada-Sacred Bark Cebada-Barley Cebolla-Onion
Cedro-Cedar Cedron Cempasuchil-Marigold Centeno-Rye Cilantro-Coriander Ciruela-Prune Clavel-Carnation Col-Cole Cola de Caballo-Horsetail Contrayerba-Isoplexis
Costomate-Husk Tomato Crameria-Trailing Ratany Cuachalala Cuajilote Cuasia-Quassia Chayote- Chicalote- Cuatecomate-Musictree Damiana Diente de Leon-Dandelion
Doradilla-Resurrection Fern Epazote - Wormseed Espinacas-Spinach Eucalipto-Eucalyptus Flor de Manita Floripondio-Angel Trumpet Fresno-Ash Gobernadora-Creosote Bush Gordo Lobo-Mullein Granado-Pomegranate
Guayabo-Guava Guamuchil Hierba del Anjel-Angel Weed Hierba del Gato-Catnip Yerbabuena-Mint Golondrina-Groundfig Spurge Yerba de San Nicolas-Broom Snakeweed Yerba del Pollo-Khakiweed Hinojo-Fennel Hoja Santa-Rootbeer Plant
Hierba del Tapon No Data Found
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Hojita de Sen Itamo Real Ixcate-
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Jalapa-Jalap Jicama-Mexican Potato Laurel-Bay Lechuga-Lettuce Lenteja-Lentil Limon-Lemon
Agave - Maguey Malva-Mallow Malavar-No Data
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Maclale-No Data Mamey-Sapote Manzano-Apple Manzanilla-Chamomile Marrubio-Horehound Matarique Melon
Membrillo-Quince Mezquite Muicle-No Data Nabo-Turnip Naranja-Orange Nogal-Pecan Nopal-Prickly Pear Oregano Ortiga - Nettle Arbol de Brasil-Brasil Wood
Papa-Potato Papaya Perejil-Parsley Pinguica Piña
Platano-Banana Rabano
Ruda - Rue Anis Verde
Heal All
Wheat Bran
Salvia - Sage Simonillo - Flea Bane Taray - Tamarisk Tejocote
Mexican Hawthorn
Zacate de Limon
Lemon Grass
Butterfly Bush
Tila - Linden Toronjil
Mexican Giant Hyssop
TumbaVaqueros - Princess Vine
Uva - Grape
Aloe Vera
Zapote Blanco
White Sapote
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