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Cure Yourself with Ancient Aztec Herb and Plant Remedies

Cole - Col
Collards - (AcephalaGroup - ornamental)

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These plants have wide, smooth, blue-green leaves. The lower leaves hang down with age and the upper or crown leaves are usually cupped. Collards are similar to it's relative, Kale, but taste slightly different and seem to be preferred across the South.

Collards and kale differ from one another by the leaf shape; the former have smooth leaf margins, while the latter's are generally crinkled. Collard greens are a popular vegetable in the southern U.S.
Collards and kales are considered more primitive forms of the other Cole crops, namely, Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Cabbage, Cauliflower, and Kohlrabi.
The name "acephala" means "without a head", although collards and kale will produce a seed head during the second growing season, being biennials.

The Plants Described Above are all Good for the Remedies below but Kale is the preferred plant.

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Cole Properties Used by Aztec's

Cleans the Intestines,  Expels Intestinal Parasites,  Useful in the Treatment of Respiratory Track Diseases (Asthma, Laryngitis, Colds and Lung Pain),  and Dissolves Stones in the Urinary Track.

Aztec Method of Use

To Clean the Intestines and Expels Intestinal Parasites: Take 2 tablespoons of raw Cole juice on an empty stomach.

For the other properties: Drink 4 to 5 glasses of the boiled mixture of Cole and 1/4 of any other vegetable and boil for 1/2 hour in 1/2 liter of water.
Cole may also be eaten raw and in salads being sure to wash the veggie well before eating.

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CAUTION: This presentation is not a guide to the identification of plants or their use as a substitute for standard medical treatments. Many plants with medicinal properties are also toxic and frequently FATAL if taken at incorrect dosages or if not prepared in a specific fashion. We do not advocate the consumption of reputed medicinal plant products without prior consultation with your physician or other natural plant products professional. Consult Your Physician Before Using a Herbal Remedy!


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